Comprehensive Dentistry in Wiesbaden Wilhelm-Fresenius-Klinik

Professor Dr. Lothar Pröbster Aukammallee 39, 65191 Wiesbaden

Dr. Bettina Pröbster ++49-611-521246

How to reach us:

Wiesbaden is only a 30 minute drive from Frankfurt airport. Coming from the Wilhelmstrasse (where the famous Nassauer Hof Hotel is located) turn right into Sonnenberger Strasse, after 1 km turn right at the traffic lights/Shell Station into An der Dietenmühle which leads you to Parkstrasse. At the 2nd circle turn left into Aukammallee, following the signs to "DKD-Klinik" and "HSK-WFK-Klinik" . Drive past DKD-Klinik until you reach HSK/WFK-Klinik. You find us at the side entrance of the clinic, around the curve.