Comprehensive Dentistry in Wiesbaden Wilhelm-Fresenius-Klinik

Professor Dr. Lothar Pröbster Aukammallee 39, 65191 Wiesbaden

Dr. Bettina Pröbster ++49-611-521246

Up-to-date and safe treatment modalities based on the scientific state of the art

We would like to present a few of the fields, we are working

In complex cases we work and coordinate interdisciplinary with orthodontists, maxillo-facial surgeons, and physiotherapists to reach the optimum treatment outcome.

Esthetic dentistry

Tooth colored  composite restorations

All-ceramic restorations (inlays, crowns and

Veneers - ceramic facings

Implants, implant prosthetics

individual, esthetic prosthetics

high-end  prosthetics


treatment  in complete relaxation