Training courses for dentists with Professor Dr. Lothar Pröbster

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A general overview about lecture topics may be obtained by studying the list of already held lectures by Professor Pröbster.

The following courses for institutions, dentists, study clubs, companies, congress organizers or dental laboratories are possible:


Clinical training courses in english

Course #1:The state of the art in all-ceramic restorations

Clinical implications of material science aspects of dental ceramics. Aesthetic and biologic benefits of all-ceramic restorations. Material and system specific indication of different dental ceramics systems: Sintered ceramics, In-Ceram, Procera, Celay, Empress, Empress 2, Zirconia Ceramics (Cercon, Lava, DCS). Conventional luting vs. adhesive luting. Indications, contraindications. Treatment planning, preparations, impression, temporarization for: inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, veneer crowns, full crowns, bridges. Aesthetic and functional considerations. Clinical protocol for conventional and adhesive luting. Long-term experiences of all important all-ceramic systems.

Live patient demonstrations possible.


Course #2: AAA - Adhesive-Attractive-All-Ceramic: Adhesive ceramic restorations with IPS-Empress

Material science basics of ceramics, adhesive technique and clinical consequences. This course familiarizes the participant with the adhesiv luting technique and enables the participant to perform the clinical procedures the next day. Topics: Adhesive luting, indications, contraindications, treatment planning, preparation, impressions, temporary restorations for inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers, veneer crowns. Esthetic and functional considerations. Extensive discussion of adhesive luting technique. Tipps and tricks from 16 years experience with the adhesive luting technique, Long term results.

Hands-on-training of the adhesive luting technique with original Empress restorations.

Live demonstrations with patients possible.


Course #3: Preparation course for all-ceramic restorations.

This very rewarding and practically oriented course covers all preparation forms for all-ceramic restorations: Adhesive ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and veneer crowns; and conventionally cementable full crowns. It is a phantom course, whre the participant performs all preparations on phantom models. Hands-on training of preparation techniques on phantom models.


Course #4: Personal Coaching in all-ceramic restorations

This course is a individually designed training, regarding the personal needs and interests of the participant/s. Under the supervision of Professor Pröbster the participants treat their own patients in their own office, to get hands-on-aquainted with all relevant working steps. The spectrum of topics ranges from preparation techniques, impression methods, esthetic and functional temporaries, luting methods (when convetional with which cements, when adhesive with which technique) to finishing. Personal Coaching requires intensive pre-course preparation and discussion to ensure a maximum succes for the participant/s. Maximum number of participants: 4.


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